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Nocturnal Behaviour part 666 - Dark Forces.

The tainted

In society I belonged to a part that others feared and looked down. We walked the path of the shadows, half demons. Infernal blood had been brought to us in some way, no one ever wanted to talk about it really. We weren’t many in numbers, comparing to normal people and it was very forbidden to show your true, demonic form in formal places. You could even get fines for it.
My mother loved me dearly, but she grieved for me also, never telling me, how I had got the taint in me. I didn’t have a father.
Society encouraged us demonic to socialize with each others, preferably keeping us away from their pure human blood. Breeding with humans was strictly forbidden, not in law actually, but in other ways. No one wanted it.
Even I feared some of the demonics, since most of them were bitter and angry for a lifetime of abuse and bad treatment. Sometimes they were even dangerous. I knew their thoughts, I could sense them even from afar, and rarely those were that nice. Neither were mine, for that matter.

It was fall, and the summer had been dry and everyone was waiting for the rains to start. Crops had gone bad in the heat and there were lots of issues with fires in the nearby woodlands. Those who believed in magic were saw bad things in the future, and I didn’t think anyone was completely blind for those thoughts. There was something bad in the air that told of coming hardships. Like someone that wanted harm, had fixed its eyes upon us all. The thoughts of the demonic and of human were dark. Many of us started to be just indifferent, not caring for the rules that people had put on them. They bared their true forms in the public, like they would’ve been trying to get into trouble.
I saw one flowing in the air, 4 meters from the ground, his wings set open, swimming idly in the small breeze. His eyes were shut, and the expression on his face was relaxed, uncaring. He was naked, his form half covered in violet scales in his otherwise snakelike skin as those shone in the sunlight. I could see the strong muscles moving underneath that skin, while he was moving smoothly, like in water or a dream and his half-hard member was resting against his belly. I hurried away fast, my face red with shame as I read his mind - he was exited of my nearness.
I ran into one other of our own, a speech man of our blood as I was making my way to home. He was a passionate man, always eager, with hard opinions on any matter. He was watching me intently, and I could read his thoughts clear as day.
“We two should mate, you are strong.”
There was nothing romantic in that thought, and his eyes were only calculatingly cold, void of any other feeling than that lust. From that I knew, that if he would really start to pursue me, a mere “no” would not suffice. It would come to drawing blood. I shook my head and started to run, disappearing into the labyrinth of alleys, between the houses that had been built so near each others. I knew he would have come after me, if he wouldn’t have been rushing into a meeting himself.
I stopped, panting, into a dark deepening between two houses, sweaty and trembling. Had the world gone mad in a day? Everyone was so tight, almost ready to burst. The naked, flying demon and the speech man were not the only ones I had seen today. I had also seen a fight between human and demon youngsters on a grocery stores parking lot. And a mother that had been screaming with anger to her children on the yard, for smashing up a cookie jar. A man that almost ran me over with his car, a sadistic glare in his unfriendly eyes. Even more.
I tried to calm myself down, despite my horrible feelings. After a while the cool air and dark shadows of the alley, and its peace brought me down and I started up. As fast as I came up on my feet I realised I wasn’t alone. There was something near me.. something I had never experienced. I turned my gaze to the way I had come and saw something very peculiar. It was a thing, gliding through the air, about 2 meters from the earth. It had a long, flexible body, that swirled in the air like a Chinese dragon. Its tail had a arrow shaped tip that was gleaming in turquoise and blue shades. Its head was slim, also shaped a bit like arrows tip and I couldn’t see any eyes nor a mouth in it. Still it was clearly watching me, as it glided closer.
I was watching it with my mouth ajar. I had never laid my eyes upon something so… interesting. I could sense it was demonic, I felt is as clearly as any other demonic or human, and I felt my skin vibrating as it was scanning me. I knew other demonic could do things like that, even if I couldn’t.
I was only were sensitive to others feelings and thoughts.
The thing arose very comfortable feelings in me; I trusted it so I let it glide in my arms, letting it wrap its body around mine. I hugged it closer, unable to feel anything than good thoughts. Its skin felt divine against mine and there was something sexual in the feeling, though I couldn’t put my finger on it, after all, I was only sixteen years old girl.
It was leaning its strange head against mine, still scanning my thoughts, my mind, my powers and abilities. It felt good and itself vibrated calming and trusting feelings. I couldn’t sense any thoughts of it, only feelings, all so good, so good.
I think I finally fell asleep, changing into my demonic form. I could feel the change thought the warm sleepiness, but I didn’t care. It felt so natural. The long spikes in my arms softened in its grasp and the large, red scales that shaped my skin on its outer side felt soft like leather armour. I could feel my wings pulling together, forming a long cloak on my back and even the long spikes in my rough hair were softening, flexing easily with the rest of the hair. I was so relaxed that not a muscle in me was tense. It felt amazing, because usually when I turned, I felt a lot of pain and I didn’t let it happen that often. The sorrow in my mothers blue eyes was too much for me, if I ever turned when she was watching.
Finally I gave up on my thoughts and fell to the dark abyss of sleep in the grasp of the undulating thing.

I awoke from a place I didn’t recognize. I slided back into being awake slowly, feeling groggy, like I would have been drugged.. which probably had happened. I was somewhere up high, near a top of a small mountain, in a place that seemed like a temple, because I was lying on a marble. There were marble pillars around me that supported a marble roof.
I could barely raise, my skin tingling with waking feeling. I was still in my demonic form, so I moved my tail so I could sit better. My eyes were hurting with the light, although it was shady here.
As I studied the place it had brought me I could see I was on the slope a mountain and near the marble temple was a large mansion, with a forested garden and wild forest starting behind that. I instantly knew where I was. There was only one person living near my hometown, on a slope of a nearby mountain. The man, millionaire, was eccentric. No one had never seen him, he sent only his servants to the town to do his groceries, and other stuff the like.
No one knew anything of him.
Fear brewed inside me, because I knew I had been fooled. The demonic thing I had seen, must have been his servant. That meant he has some connections to the demonic.
I rose, trembling, since my muscles still wanted to sleep and felt weak to use. I couldn’t sense anything near me, not anything living in a sense that a human or demonic would have been. Only stone, earth, trees and plants. But I wasn’t alone. When I stood up a shadow came out from the shadow of the pillars near me. A tall man, who wore a black long caftan, his face hidden in the shadow of the hood. The black of the caftan was cut in two by a wide, golden belt.
I backed up to a pillar, and he was closing on me, silent as a wall. My fear gripped me and I fell down on the floor. There was something really scary in his being, something so crushing, that I couldn’t do anything but just watch. There were colours shooting on the edge of my vision, so horrified I was.
He was standing right in front of me now. A narrow, pale hand slid from the hem of his sleeve that grabbed my chin, turning it upwards. I was sure I was going to pass out. There was something so unusual in his hand.. it was cold as ice, and I noticed his nails were clear like glass, long and sharp. I was sure he was demonic himself.
“I told my servant to find the most powerful creature in the whole town, and it brought you. Just a young girl.” His voice was young, but as cold as his hand. It had a calculating ring to it, that would have nerved a grown man. His hand was turning my face from side to side and my muscles did what they were asked, my gaze fixed on the darkness inside the hood.
I was too terrified to say anything.
Finally he let his grip of my jaw. He pulled his hood back, revealing narrow, pale and unfriendly, yet handsome face. His narrow eyes were bright yellow and red. On his forehead rose two horns which followed the curve of his skull near the dark hair. Small and barely visible scales ran on the edges of his face. He was demonic, though I couldn’t sense it from him, still. I couldn’t sense much of anything from him, and that’s why he was so terrifying. There was a surge of force flowing from him constantly, unlike any other I’d ever felt.
There were no demonic alike, they all had their personal form and personalities and skills, but there were some things that divided us into categories. There were demonic, that were inhumanly strong, usually very aggressive too. There were demonic that read minds and control them. There were demonic that could interfere in others feelings as easily as a child plays. There were demonic that were fast and flexible and cunning. There were demonic who could manipulate things without even touching them. And then there were demonic who used magic and witchcraft. They were not large in number, and were usually dangerous, because of their hunger in old forces, constantly looking for power forgotten to many. It was clear he was the latter.
Something old and eternal was in his whole being, although of his apparent youth. But all demonic didn’t age normally. If both parents had infernal blood in them, and the closer the family had it, the more demonic was their offspring, probably longer lifespan too.
I quickly understood I was watching something that was even shushed in the demonic circles. A demonic, breaded with specific intent. Two powerful demonic, other maybe even a pureblood, that set out to produce as strong offspring as they could.
He read everything from my eyes, as these things dawned on me and the smile on his face was something I would have wanted not to see. His eyes were gleaming dangerously as the narrow, crooked smile rose on his face, revealing all the small scales on his skin. Sharp teeth shone in the dark.
“So, you are not completely witless, despite your youth. Maybe there is some use for you. Come!”
His order was so forceful that my body no other choice than to follow it. I was able to push one word past my lips, “no!” It was a pitiful squeak, but he turned, one scale ornamented brow lifting to a high arch on his forehead. His stare was cunning.
“Ah! You are powerful! No one has ever said no to me, not in many centuries. It tells of a great willpower for you to be able to do that. You could even be a perfect mother to my offspring.” Something dangerous crept to his eyes. The mere thought of his cold hands on me brought tears to my eyes and I sunk into despair. And still I followed him.
He was leading me to some kind of a temple, following a lighted path deeper into the woods that surrounded the mansion. The path ended to a circle made of marble, at it resembled a small amphitheatre. It had no roof and there were nine marble pillars in the outskirts of the circle. On the middle of the ring was a low marble table, like an altar.
Ancient horror woke in me as I saw all this and I had to fight the demonics order to follow, to be able to halt. The force of his order was so great, that I had to put every possible remnant of my own power to use. It took every cell of my being to stop, sweat was running on my skin and my whole head was tingling painfully. All the spikes in my arms shoot up from the fight. Finally I managed to stop, I was panting and my legs were trembling.
He halted immediately, turning to my side. Curiosity on his face was mingled with a evil smile and admiring.
“Magnificent..” He was staring at me with his burning eyes, letting me combat against his silent order. He was oozing a tempting feeling, but now that I had my wits back with me, I was fighting against it. “NO!” I said with defiance clear in my voice, hissing between my teeth.
“Indeed .. a powerful creature.”
Now I could sense things from the man, he clearly was letting it happen. Otherwise he was invisible to my senses. I sensed a change in his attitude, the respect he felt, despite his maliciousness. He wouldn’t let me read his thoughts, but the feelings he sent were trained and specific. Very refined.
His whole body relaxed and he stepped closer to me. I pulled back but he would not give up. He was looking at me still, strict, but his voice was soft and calming.
“Shh.. I want no harm to you.. I will show you things .. things that many only dream! Powers, you could not even imagine!” His voice was so tempting, wooing, and I almost fell to a trance and gave up, until I realised what he was doing. He was trying to put a spell on me! He was so strong!
I was trying to fight against it, his hand was now caressing my face, gently, although his skin was so cold. The hard, sharp nails sliding on my skin sent sparks through me and me tingle all over. His sexual aura was closing me in, it was like a scent in the air and I could do nothing more than to breathe it in.
He was just too strong for me to resist.
He had already leaded me to the staircase of the temple, that lead down to that altar. His other hand was caressing still my face, keeping me tight in the trance he put me in through the touch of our skins.. and without me realising his other hand was undressing me as easily as I would’ve been dressed to mere rags of clothes. Probably he was tearing my clothes away with force, but my eyes were fixed in his burning eyes and it made everything around me matter so little.
I was completely in his power and he sat me down on the altar, the marble cool beneath my naked body. My skin was reacting to the coolness in the air, my nipples starting to harden. He was looking at me with hunger in his eyes, seemingly happy with what he was seeing. Some part of my tried to vainly resist, scared, but my senses were filled with him and his power and I could do nothing.
He released his grip of me, leaving me to sit, and I was still under his spell completely.
I didn’t actually see anything, but I could sense him doing things around me and at some point some sense flowed back to me and I could understand the things happening.
He had lighted more torches around the temple and it was glowing in the flickering light of the flames. From somewhere he had taken an ancient looking bottle, and a wineglass made of crystal.
He had taken his robe down, and his naked, partly scaled skin was shining in the light. His wings were huge, the skin between the bones so thin that I could see the forest behind him like a smoky vision through them. His muscles were lean and long, his shoulders covered in scaled armour, like the middle of his back where spiky scales rose to protect the spine. From his braces to elbows ran also scaly armour, with spikes on them. His legs were cowered in soft-looking dark fur and his erect member was rising over his stomach proudly. I noticed I was panting as I watched him and my shame could have not been greater. The cold smile on his face made me blush crimson.
I wasn’t able to move on my own, every muscle in my body was waiting an order from that terrible, magnificent creature.
He poured red liquid from the ancient bottle to the crystal glass, and it looked like some kind of wine to me. He didn’t drink it, but brought it to me. Something moved inside me, an ancient feeling. It wasn’t fear, but some kind of arousal.
His hand slid under my head, in my neck and he twisted gently my head backwards and my eyes half closed of the pleasure of that touch. I could feel him pouring the liquid in my mouth, from where it rushed to my throat, over my jaw to my neck, from there to my chest and over my breasts, on my belly, down towards my crutch, on my thighs. I was completely soaked by that red liquid and the feeling was amazing, ecstatic! It was flowing in my mouth, in my insides, making me burning and trembling. I could feel the demonic kissing my wine stained lips from somewhere of my emotional ecstasy and the pleasure the cold lips against my own burning lips was so pleasurable it felt great. His hands were travelling over my body, touching my scales, my spikes, my hair and my wings. Every caressing touch only heightened my heath and want, and I realised that was supposed to happen. I had to be ready, for what, I had no clue.
I could feel him kissing my face, my neck and breasts, his long tongue licking up the wine from my breasts. I was moaning out loud and I could hear his cold, deep laughter. His hands were sliding toward my thighs, pulling them apart intently. His sharp nails were scratching me, but I didn’t care at all. His touch was now making me shake in pleasure, so full was my ecstatic state. He was also moaning out clearly aroused, and I was trembling on the altar, as my head was trashing from side to side. I could hear him shouting in ancient tongue, he was uttering a spell with those weird words, and somewhere inside my fear raised its head again.
But my body was shaking in the tides of a orgasm, and I could not resist any of it. I was completely hapless.
In a haze I realised that in the every pillar was a carved shell inside them, with a small, absurd looking statue in them. They were made out of some kind of bone and they looked like old gods long forgotten.
The demonic that was still touching me, making me come over and over was now screaming the words with maddening force, he was panting and he sounded ecstatic and thrilled. In the midst of my pleasure I noticed something strange was happening to the statues.. they were vibrating, releasing ancient energy, so old it felt alien. The energy shoot up off them into a man shaped beings in front of the pillars. They shone through somewhat, looking like pale, bluish ghosts.
Terror and pleasure mixed in me.
The demonic over me laughed out loud, victory in his voice, calling the ghosts to come near, calling them to come and drink, to feel and have their pleasure. Those ghostlike things started to move and I wanted to scream.
They were gliding and crawling and squirming and flying closer to me, everyone on their own personal way, smirking and laughing and crying out with deep, hollowed voices.
“Come.. come closer! She is soon ready!” The demonic shouted and I felt his body pressing against me, the big member between us pulsating.
Finally the ghostlike beings were around us, surrounding us, demanding expressions on their terrible faces.
The demonic man raised my legs in the air, pushing them painfully far apart and with his ice cold touch burning me, he pushed his member inside me, tearing me almost apart. I was screaming out loud and those terrible old Gods ghosts pushed their hands on my skin, through it somewhere inside me. They wanted a part of the human feelings I was feeling, a part of something alive, something they had lost a long time ago. They wanted to taste the wine in me and they were running through me and it pained me so I thought I would die. The pain was excruciating. I screamed, yelled and cried but they would not move away from me until they had had their share of the sacrifice they had been given. It was something the demonic had promised them in exchange of their secrets, of the powers they wielded a long time ago. It was, what the demonic craved for, and for what he would do anything to get it. This all I understood, in the midst of the horror I had to live through.
I thought my heart was going to be ripped out when a malicious god sunk his hands inside my chest, not caring how it felt to me, I thought I would go mad, when a insane god sunk his hands inside my head, I thought my hands would be ripped from their sockets, when some other god sunk his hands into mine, pulling them. I thought I was going to faint to pleasure when some old god of sexuality and lust kept rubbing my sensitive parts all the while when the demonic was pounding his huge shaft into me mercilessly.
And all that time I was still kept painfully awake, aware of every ache and unbearable feeling of pain mixed with pleasure. Those feelings, pain and pleasure were changing with such mindless ways that I was pleading for mercy, pleading for more and screaming mindlessly. It felt it went on forever.
Finally there was only the panting demonic on me and the cool marble altar beneath me and a unsteady calmness in the temple. My voice was hoarse, my breath travelling in pained moans and sighs. Tears were running down my face, and my limbs lay pained on my side. My whole body was aching but it was a much more human pain, something I could handle.
The demonic rose, watching me with satisfaction, admiring.
“Every other one died. You are strong.”
I could feel my heart sink with a cold feeling.

Then I woke.


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