Wednesday, May 02, 2012

No Pain - No Gain

I am a woman, roughly at my fourties and I have a husband and three daughters, whom I live with. I work for the government, at a secret facility where I undergo severe training every day for 10 hours. My job is not a secret tho, but it is common in this world, that all the government facilities are not commonly used by anyone else but the people who work there.

This world is a odd and cruel place, even more, than the world we live in while we are awake. In this world they choose someone every day to "serve their country" - which basically means, you have been chosen to be killed for the good of the people. It is a duty of every soul in this world, a task that is considered a great privilage.

There also something else, that seems just insane in this world. There are more secrets than just the governments parts. People are ruled with senseless rules, like this roulette of life and death that spins every day. The government also uses a substance that creates energy in this world. It is forbidden from everyone else, than the people who work in the energyplants that use the stuff. In a way it is everywhere, this substance, in very low quantities, but in its purest form it is considered a deadly poison. The plants use the stuff in its purest form and they even moderate it so that it thickens and becomes even more dangerous.

All the people who handle the stuff are bound to the places where they work. They have no families or other life, than the work they do for the good of the mankind. Those people are also chosen by random, the people taken from their original families, never to be seen again. No one questions this. World needs energy. World needs people to work to create the energy.

The woman who I am is just as fanatic as any person in this world. She does not question anything. Her job is to train herself to withstand ridicilous amounts of pain. 10 hours per every day she comes to her job and starts her training. She doesn't know why they need to know, how much pain a person can be trained to withstand, and it doesn't matter. It is her duty. Her place in this world. There are no pauses in her training. The sessions are so mindless that my mind steps out of her and just watches the process she undergoes. I wouldn't stand it, nor can I understand how anyone could. I can't even describe it with words how sick the whole training is.

One day she is so spent from her intense work day, that she is a little late from leaving for her home. I see her family sitting infront of the tv, watching the evening programs with her mother. The normal program halts as a government announcement airs. Her mother was chosen to "serve the country" but as they couldn't get a hold of her since she wasn't home and wasn't answering her phone, they have chosen her daughter instead.

The children begin to cry. Their mother will be executed. Her husband asks the mother that isn't she sad that her daughter will die instead of her? He tells her, that they need her daughter, the small children will need her as will her husband. The mother just says that she thinks its a great honor that her daughter will "serve her country" in this manner. The children wont stop crying. They don't want their mother to die.

At the same time the mother is on her way from the work. For some reason she is particularly tired and doesn't catch the ride home and she is left behind to walk all the way from the middle of a pitch black forest to her home in the city. The darkness scares her a bit but she has to make it to home. On her way she loses her way in the dark roads and takes a wrong turn and ends up in a energyplants dumping facility. It is so dark that she stumbles and falls into a pit in the ground, that has some of the condenced, poisoneous stuff in the bottom. Her hand gets enveloped in it and her screams ring in the forest like cries of some dying creature.

The poison burns her like nothing she has ever felt in her entire life. The pain is beyond anything and everything. As her hand burns, the pain burns through her, her thoughts, her feelings, the reality of this twisted world coming ever so clear, adding a mental edge to the pain that makes her howl in terror. The reality of the insanity and cruelty is like knifes through her heart. How is it even possible she hasn't woken up to it before? She feels betrayed, used and angry. How is it possible? The whole world.. serving this sick government like they want. People dying willingly for it. And for the first time she ponders, how many exactly serve willingly? How many are just silenced and killed and buried and the masses decieved with a twisted sense of honor and duty? The poison and its pain clears her head painfully and she understand what a lie the whole world is living. She knows it has something to do with this substance she was burned with. It is everywhere. But why is it such a secret? Why is it kept so hidden amidsts everything? She realizes that the answer must be in what she just had to go through. A rough awakening from being almost a mindless zombie. She wants to wake her family too, that is the sole thing clear in her mind now. She has to brake them free from the invisible bonds. She scoops up some of the substance from the pit with a discarded metal box and starts to run.

The dreams turns into mashed images of her arriving in her home in the nick of time. The government police is searching her furiously to execute her and she makes it home just before they arrive also. She ushers the family into a hidden closet behind the bedroom area and she makes them touch the substance in the box. Their pain is just as great, but it clears their mind up like it did to her. The police is banging in the door. The family is trying to decide what to do. Everything feels hasty, panicked and desperate. They don't want to give up their mother to this insanity. All of them want to escape the whole world now.

The end is obscured by a gunfire and unclear visions of the whole family taken to a place where they hold the people who have "woken up" from the lies..


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